Thank you for shopping at Bleacher Merch (+). We hope this message reaches you well, and on the best day possible, as you are here and, apparently, in the mood for reading. We will try not to get too long-winded, but hopeful this message resonates highly and makes it precisely to the being intended. We are not machines. We are, in fact, people that have gathered together under the umbrella of a business structure so that we can do good work and effectively take care of our families and ourselves.

Most of us work remotely, and all over the world. Why, because BLEMER is not a place. We are a collective of talented creators and creatrixes not bound by nations, countries, regions, states of mind, and so forth

BLEMER stands for Bleacher Merch Plus. Why did we decide on that name? Because in life we all spend time either in the game or in the stands. We could cheer someone on, receive a standing ovation, or we could even be booed or heckled! We just know that we must enjoy our wins, but recognize that losses are NOT losses... but lessons to help us grow. As humans with heartbeats, we also take a memorial moment of silence for those whose heartbeats no longer exist in their physical bodies.

So what are you looking to have us create for you? If you don't see it, send us a message, and let us try our best to find solutions, it is a challenge we gladly accept. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!